Advanced treatment approaches are available for the dentally challenged

Several research studies have clearly demonstrated that fixed dental implant solutions, compared to removable dentures, significantly improve: Greater chewing capability Improved aesthetics Improved speech Greater comfort Less bone resorption Research also suggests that improving these functions has emotional benefits such as improved social life and self image. Call MALO Clinic Perth to find out more […]

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Hello everybody. I am 29 years old. I lead a normal sex life, but with a new acquaintance with the girl for the very first time there are sometimes failures, well, nerves, excitement, anything can happen. I decided to buy Levitra LeviDrug drugstore. It is written in the instruction that the recommended dose is 10 mg (one Levitra tablet is a 20 mg). According to the United Nations’ World Health Organisation (WHO), somewhere between 6-10% of the world’s population is toothless. At Malo Clinic Perth we provide alternatives to conventional removable dentures. Dr. Paulo Malo of Lisbon, Portugal, decided to tackle this problem by providing fixed, long lasting teeth on a reliable basis for the totally edentulous.

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